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APRIL 2018

Welcome to the San Jose Kendo Dojo Website.

We hope you find the information helpful.

Charlie Tanaka sensei for receiving hanshi shogo, December 2016

About San Jose Kendo Dojo:

San Jose Kendo Dojo has been an influential Kendo school in the United States kendo community since it was founded in 1962. We are an active member of the Northern California Kendo Federation, (NCKF) and the All United States Kendo Federation, (AUSKF), with dojo members serving as officers in both organizations.

San Jose kendo dojo offers top level instruction in the martial art of Kendo for men, women, and children of almost all ages. Current members of the Dojo consists of people just trying Kendo for the first time, to veterans who have competed on Team USA in past World Kendo Championships and are preparing for future National and World Championship competitions.

San Jose Dojo is run as a non profit organization.


The Dojo Shihan or chief instructor is Mr. Charlie Tanaka, Hanshi 7 Dan. Tanaka sensei has served two terms as the President of the AUSKF and numerous terms as the president of the NCKF.

Additionally, the dojo has several other instructors, or sensei, with ranks of 4th Dan and above.

Unlike commercial dojo's the instructors donate their time and are not paid to teach. Unlike commercial dojos, Sho-Dan (1st degree black belt) members do not teach. Ni-Dan (2nd degree) and San-Dan (3rd degree) members are assistant instructors under the direction of sensei.

Please see our Instructors page for more information about our instructors.

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